Jun 16, 2022
Jan 23, 2023 12:50 PM

morethanmin, Software Engineer

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hello? I am a developer who loves to code. hello? I am a developer who loves to code. This is the requirements test page. This is the requirements test page. This is the requirements test page. This is the requirements test page. This is the requirements test page.
The cat is doing the coding for me. The cat is doing the coding for me.

Work Experience.

Untilled company

Frontend Developer 2021.12 - present

Untilled service development

2022.06 - present


Responsible for development and maintenance of overall front-end functions of Untilled, a web service with more than MAU1 million. I am filling out a sample form.
The existing development environment, which requires the backend to run locally, has been separated to improve the development environment into a form that can be maintained and expanded.

What did I do

  • member function development
  • Maintenance and refactoring of existing service frontends
  • Introducing code reviews and improving the overall development culture

Tech Stack

Next.js, TypeScript, Apollo, GraphQL

Until full stack development

2021.12 - 2022.06


We developed a full-stack blog service called Until, which is expected to be used by the entire nation.
By proactively migrating the JQuery-based service to the Next.js-based service, we were able to solve many existing problems and improve maintenance.

What did I do

  • Implementing the Until frontend
  • Until design system improvements
  • Migrating a project based on Next.js

Tech Stack

Next.js, JavaScript, Redux, Spring, jquery

ICT Internship

Frontend Intern 2021.02 - 2021.09

Everyone's community development

development is good company 2021.06 - 2021.09


About 500 million people have participated offline as an educational service, and it is a service that helps young people become self-reliant locally. Developed frontend and backend. Basic maintenance and various functions have been developed.

What did I do

  • Development of venue and equipment rental/rental function
  • Development of lodging reservation function
  • Main page UI reorganization and refactoring
  • Admin page UI development
  • Building a front-end development environment

Tech Stack

Nuxt.js, JavaScript, Express.js

Develop used trading service right away

reo company 2021.02 - 2021.04


Developed the front end of a used MacBook sales service. Developed maintenance and simple functions. The admin page was developed using React-admin.

What did I do

  • Main page UI reorganization
  • Admin (Seller) page development

Tech Stack

React, Redux, TypeScript, Mui


Freelance Developer 2020.12 - 2021.01

E-Learning content development

Entropy Software company 2020.12 - 2021.01


As Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported, we have migrated the Flash Player-based lecture service to a web-based one.

What did I do

  • Implementing lecture page UI
  • Switch to Javascript

Tech Stack

Html, CSS, JavaScript

Other Experience.

Untilled Developer Student Clubs

Web Core 2022.09 - present
It is a program that supports development and leadership development in Untilled, and is in charge of studying the web part by participating as a Web Core member.

12 when frontend and backend meet

Web Leader 2022.09 - present
Fmanman is a development alliance club that aims to launch a service where frontend and backend meet. Currently, I am participating in the development as a front-end leader for 4 teams by participating in 12 web parts.


Frontend Lead 2021.08 - 2022.04
Zext, a global startup, is a global team formed by international students and developers from four countries: Korea, the United States, China, and Canada, with the goal of creating a social space that creates synergy among international students around the world. Participated as a side project and developed the MVP of Int’ly, an international student community platform.


Frontend Lead 2021.06 - 2021.12
I participated in the 3rd class of J2KB, a national coding association club, conducted a study in the front-end (React, Redux) session and had time to make a presentation every week.
He also participated in Unicorn, a hackathon hosted by the development club, as a front-end developer of a team called Dev-in, developed a Q&A-based development community service, and won the gold prize.

Tech Blog

Author 2021.08 - 현재
I have developed and operated a blog called morethan-log. If you are using next.js and write a text in Notion, the text is called and displayed. Previously, I ran a blog called CatHub.

Myongji University

Computer Engineering 2019.03 - 2021.03 (leave of absence)
I am very interested in networks, so I entered the Department of Information and Communication Engineering and completed my sophomore year.



  • Use React hooks appropriately, use them in a variety of ways, and use them well.
  • You can use state management libraries such as redux, recoil, react-query, and apollo and perform asynchronous state management in various ways.
  • You can implement SSR through Next.js and Next Level
  • You can do component driven development using Facebook.


  • Proficient in Javascript and Typescript.
  • It is not possible to build and handle Node.js-based eco-friendly using bundle bundler, transformer, etc.
  • I do not understand the module system of CommonJS and ES Modules and use it.


  • I have experience contributing to open source.
  • I like to find efficient ways through communication.
  • Experienced in Search Engine Optimization.
  • It can be styled appropriately using OOTD.

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